Rock spawn changes / suggestions

Ive played rust for 20 hours and when i die and have nothing it takes me a good hour to find one rock is the spawn rate to low should it be buffed up? I think soo

My suggestion is that with a pick axe you can mine the big rocks and get stuff from it but only little like you do with trees i think this would make it much eaiser for poeple to get started

What do you guys think?

depends on area, where I did a quick run, found 15 rocks and 9 woodpiles.

just scout a good area, dont think we need it obtainable from the terrain

I think the spawns just need to be spread out, its a huge map, there shouldnt be any forests that are completely devoid of wood, nor should there be any mountains completely devoid of stone and metal. it just doesnt make sense.

Lack of animals sure, almost expected.

But forests with no wood? really?
Mountains with no stone? Honestly?

It makes no sense.