Rock spawn

With many people on the servers recently it’s been far too hard to find enough rocks to make anything. In fact, it seems to give you more metal and sulfur per rock than stone. The spawn rate for rocks (Or stones I don’t know which one you call the things you hit), I think, should be increased. Another way to fix this is to, similar to trees with wood, allow the player to hit the stone from mountains or something with a smaller chance of receiving stone or ore. This would at least allow players to move on with their technology and not wait for hours for a rock to spawn around them. Hope you take this into consideration! Thanks


Seeing that there is little you make with stone I find its rate to be ok.
You need two, will call them rock nodes, to make a stone hatchet thats not a lot and you have left overs.

And with the bolder hitting, all other rocks that are not nodes, if thy made them like trees and only give stones ya could work. But its a lot of work to turn each rock into its own thing. So this may be something thy do waaaaaaaaaaaaaay down the line.

Yeah I see what you’re saying. But I’ve just noticed how many times i’ve died because I never have enough stone to make furnace or ammo and I walk around for hours just to find MAYBE one that gives me like 10 iron, 10 sulfur and like 2 rocks. It’s quite frustrating because it’s the only resource that is difficult to get once you’ve made a house and it stops advancements a lot of times T.T

I’ve always thought resources were random, one life I can’t find any from the rocks, next life it’s all I’m finding…

Your probably just unlucky…

The way it is set up now, thy are at fixed spots on the map.

The way it will be at a latter date is it will be random all over the map.
More then likely, just like to me, some one has been that way and picked it clean. Thy seem to re-spawn all at the same time and in a slightly different spot but still in the general area. You can stick around and wait or just move on in the other direction.

Yeah I tried that XD I just could never find any. Oh well, it seems some other people have made threads about this kind of thing and a lot of them seem to agree. So I hope they think of something to do!

I don’t mean the spots themselfs being random, just the chance of getting sulfur/metal/stone etc.

I agree they need to make it so we can just hit the rocks on the mountains and get stone like trees with wood.

It’s difficult to even see a lick of rock anywhere on the map in the 100+ ppl on a single server.