Rock,trees etc, BROKEN!

I’ve gone to about 25 trees, and at least 10 different rocks.

Yet when i hit them with my started rock, i get no notification that it is out of rock or wood.

It just hits it, and then after a few seconds it says “resources depleted” or something along that lines since i haven’t played since last night.

I have been at it for over an hour, and have yet to get any wood.


lol you need to be looking for the small individual rocks and piles of wood found on the ground not trees or cliffs. read the wiki as you have much to learn

I am cutting the tree log piles, and i am only hitting the small rocks :l

You might be desyncing? try log out and back in see if it helps.

If that doesn’t work, your inventory is full, or you are glitched :stuck_out_tongue: