Rocket Dodgeball [Gamemode]

[sp]it does not yet use a tf2 pyro playermodel. oops[/sp]

In Rocket Dodgeball, the gameplay is straightforward.

• A rocket will appear, targeting a random player. When it’s close enough, you can use left or right click to reflect it - and it will automatically target a random enemy.
• Every time the rocket is reflected, it will become faster.
• This continues until the rocket’s target fails to reflect it - in which they (and anyone standing too close!) die a gruesome death.
• Then it begins anew with another rocket until everyone on one team has died, and the team with living players wins the round.

It’s simple to get the hang of, yet remarkably difficult to master; rockets can go as fast as 2000 kilometers per hour!

This mode is heavily inspired by the popular TF Dodgeball community-made gamemode in Team Fortress 2. I wanted to create it as a personal challenge, and because I believe Garry’s Mod can provide a better platform for it to thrive.

See it in action:

This video is slightly out of date, but it hopefully communicates my gamemode adequately.

You can connect to my server and play it at this IP:


You need Team Fortress 2 mounted to play!

I’ll be looking to release it publicly once I feel satisfied with its state of completion.

Man this looks like a shit ton of fun :slight_smile:
Simple but a great concept

If you think it looks fun, then please play & invite your friends!

I actually haven’t had the opportunity to test it with more players than you see in the video, so I’m looking forward to seeing more.

Feedback and requests are also welcome

EDIT: I should mention that it’s in fact very easy to make a map for my gamemode - I’m able to place the entities, including team spawns, after the map has been compiled. The only thing you need to do is create a layout! Just use TF2 assets, and make sure that the sky isn’t too bright, so the rocket doesn’t blend in and become difficult to see.

I also have a system set up to auto-include a shared.lua file from a folder named the same as the map, in case mapmakers want to include their own custom map behaviour without being restricted to hammer’s I/O system.

Functions related to the gamemode that you might be interested in hooking into are:

SpawnRocket() [guess what this does?]
NewRound() [respawn all players]
RoundStart() [start spawning rockets, begin round timer]
RoundEnd(team) [team is the team that won the round, if it wasn’t a stalemate]
MapEnd() [map change]

It might be a bit presumptuous of me to start talking about others making content for this gamemode already, but I suppose you never know!

It is usually the simpler gamemodes that are liked by the community. It is more focused on the things that people enjoy and getting things working well and looking nice that gets peoples attention. Gamemodes that are too involved miss key points that make a successful gamemode.

Looks pretty fun m8! Gonna try it out soon!

I’ve just finished implementing ‘Nuke’ type rockets. They turn slowly, allowing you to orbit them around yourself - and they also have a much bigger explosion radius! Don’t let it blow up you and your teammates.

They also have no self-damage when reflected into the floor, allowing for tremendous nuke-jumps.

(Voice in the video is not me)

What is happening on the bottom right in that video.

Don’t worry about it. It’s easier that way.

In other news, I’ve recently started logging rocket reflects and speeds - so I can keep track of how fast the players can get the rocket going. And how fast the rocket was going when some unfortunate gets blown to smithereens.

I’ve also refined the rocket tracking code a little more, and added a couple new maps. I don’t know where to go from here, since pretty much nobody has been playing on the server… I haven’t gotten any feedback or had the opportunity to test with a lot of players.

I think I’ll release the gamemode soon.