Rocket Jump Swep

This is my first swep so dont expect too much

Mouse1: Boost1
Mouse2: Boost2

There is a 2 second delay between each boost



seems to be good for a first swep

Indeed, got my download!

Thanks :smiley:

Looks great dude.

Great for a first swep.

On primary fire set the players velocity - (minus) his aim vector… Thats all?


What’s so bad about that?

Man, this is awesome… I wish I was good at Lua =3

Oh right, first swep… Im just sorry to say this has been done about… 55 million times before?

uhh… what do you mean?

I’ve never seen anything like this before, what are you talking about? Sure it could be easy to make, but if people like it why does it matter.

Man, I’m getting reeeeeaaaaally tired of the HL2 RPG model.