"Rocket Jump Waltz"

My god,man! What the fuq happened to his pinkie finger?

jesus christ that aliasing

Yeah, it definetley needs better fingerposing and Anti-Aliasing.

Might want to pick a nicer location too, the background is awfully low res’.

That’s only part of the problem. JPEG ARTIFACTS. shudders

If you’d like me to remove it please say so, but I fixed the fingers/aliasing/artifacts to the best of my ability, because I think this is otherwise a really nice pose.


It looks devoid, the pose is alright, but it’s bland and lacks and real movement and inspiration, mostly due to the camera angle and lack of props to give it the illusion of movement.

The position of his left arm feels a bit unnatural, too. If you repose that arm, I think that will fix it.