Rocket Jump

I made this for humor, not racism, if this offends anyone i can take it down. But i made it purely for comedic value.

** I see the fucking spelling mistakes! **

I was inspired by Dtmech’s comic

Looks like he’s packing some heat

Is it okay if i’m offended?

by the rocket jump being impossible, that is.

Pfft. It’s only cause he did it wrong.


Pfft, he didn’t crouch

Noob, he forgot to crouch first. may have all so not hurt to be wearing a pair of gun boots.

looks like… HE DIED!!! YEAH!!!


he sure blew away his friends although with little surprise

lmao dude

Well, atleast he went out with a bang.

Pros: Pretty wacky

Cons: Offensive to Muslim Demographic, horrible typos.

He forgot to jump…

I hate you and all of your posts.

That’s gotta be one of the greatest comics I’ve seen in a while.

Team Fortress teach well :buddy: