Rocket launcher/ Decay/ Riun game

Am i the only one thats hates these Rocket launchers and Decay and think they spoil the game ?

I never like decay in legacy and stopped playing because of it ,and now rocket launcers destroy any house any whare

Yes. You are literally the only person to ever express that opinion.

I don’t have a problem with either. Decay is almost irrelevant now that they fixed landlocked foundations… Just stick to stone or armored and repair like once a week.

Launcher why not… Rockets just like c4 cost a lot, they are imprecise and kinda fun. Hardly a game changing item. Other than being a threath to rock and elevator base, they arent any different from c4…

Decay is still somewhat of a annoyance in the sense that you can not barricade walls anymore ( is not considered landlocked ). So when you have free standing fortification walls, you need access to them. Same problem with base walls. Your other walls are not considered landlocked ( if they are free ). But try putting wood/metal barriers next to those walls on the outside and honeycombing the inside.

So it puts a emphasis on different base design, more “open” / less secure designing or space wasting.

Rockets like C4 are plenty cheap for people in group. Seen massive clan bases been raided to the ground with 100+ rockets. The moment they start penetrating the outside walls on one point and you get internal explosions, with there damage range, it just guts building from the inside out. And there is really no defense for it. You can delay people from using C4 with a lot of layers on the ground. But rockets they just build twig siege towers and shoot from above any outside walls. Its not like you can build multiple, multi-layered 100 tile walls around your base for defense.

Honeycombing is a terrible strategy, uses up lots of resources and tends to keep your loot locations more condensed.

Rockets aren’t that amazing. It takes a very long time to get the resources to make these things.

Rockets make an excellent harassment tool, especially during raids. Keeps them busy and eventually wears down their defenses.

yeah the game has gone abit silly no need for rocket launchers in this game to me they seem to take 10 steps forward in doing something and then take 50 steps back in doing something stupid like rocket launchers just a stupid move…

why not just focus on adding something that hunt you down need more of a challenge wheres robots? animals don’t really do much damage to you to easy to kill just completely boring

I can’t tell if you’re being serious or not.

Yes well i feel that its lost its appeal some what, because now all your hard work can be gone in an instant, not to mention the fact that if you go away for a couple of days without logging in your house falls apart and you loose out yet again

in fact the will to play the game is starting to decay fast

Just to clarify… when in Rust could you ever:

  1. not lose everything in an instant
  2. log off for 2-3 days and expect your house to still be there

Yes, you are the only one who think that game progress will ruin it.

well thats real sad hope you enjoy fending off thoses rockets and spending your life logging on so that your base does not fall apart lol

good luck