Rocket Launcher vs. C4

The rocket launcher is essentially the same as C4, but with the added advantage of greater range. In order for C4 to remain relevant when we also have rockets, rockets must have some sort of disadvantage relative to C4. Example potential disadvantages rockets could have (relative to C4) are:
-Higher cost to make to relative to damage-equivalent C4
-Less accuracy
Personally, I really like the idea of making the rockets less accurate. What I mean is that you aim the launcher and fire the rocket, but each rocket will veer off course by some random amount. This directly offsets the range advantage: you can fire from far away, but the odds of hitting your target are reduced as you get further away from your target. You can chance a “Hail Mary” shot at extreme range, or get closer for better odds (but less tactical advantage). Or you can stay at long range and just hurl tons and tons of rockets at the target, relying on statistics to eventually give you one good hit. Also, low accuracy rockets see very “Rust” to me: a rocket built in a cave by some random dudes isn’t going to be perfectly balanced and stable, nor would it have a great guidance system. A rocket corkscrewing out to the target just seems like something you’d see in rust. These are just my random thoughts, what are yours?

the only person who would suggest that rockets just randomly veer off in a random direction is someone who never plans on building one… that would make them completely useless…

Not off in a random direction, but off course by a random amount. Rockets without active guidance and control systems do exactly this: they veer off course due to asymetric thrust, imperfect mass balance, aerodynamic asymetry, and other issues. This is why model rockets and fireworks are fired from rails and tubes: it forces an unguided rocket to start moving in the desired direction, but they’re not “accurate” in a tactical sense.

Did they not say in the patch notes, rocket launcher damage is nothing compared to c4? That’s a big difference in the two.

They do about half c4 damage.

Twig=1c4 or 1 rocket
Wood = 1 c4 or 2 rockets
Sheet metal = 1 c4 or 2 rockets
Stone = 2 c4 or 4 rockets
Armored = 3 c4 or 6 rockets

A rocket costs:
80 metal frags
150 gunpowder
10 explosives

dunno the crafting time.

I can’t remember the cost of C4 so someone else can post it if they want.

Rockets are gonna suck against any large building using a honey cone structure with cupboards lining the outer walls (which is what i plan to do to counter them)

I fear that nooby bases will be raided more easily but clans will prob find a way to deal with it.

That’s actually how they work. I tested the launcher on an armoured 2 x 2 x 2 standing about 20 meters away. I hit the front of the building with pretty much every shot, but despite not changing my aim point, rockets basically peppered the entire front of the building. I even had one miss the shack completely.

The fact they cost less than c4 for the same damage AND have range makes c4 totally useless now unless you just don’t have access to the launcher+ammo.

IMHO it should cost about twice the price as c4 and be more directional (less splash damage). This way you gain range and precision over c4, but at a significantly higher cost. As a raider you’ll have to measure the tactical advantage of using one over the other depending on the job at hand.

Right now if you have both, c4 is deprecated. There is just no reason to use it other than the fact you can place it faster which is rarely a significant factor.