Rocket Man!

The Engineer gives the reigns of his new invention to the Soldier! GO MAN GO!!!


-snip. OP figured it out.-

Nice 1

I like it, very good!

I’ve just fixed the images, but ta anyhoo.

‘‘Now that is what I wanna see!’’

It’s good.

I don’t really like the lens flare on the fire but other than that I love it.

Lighting is incredibly weird.

And a Soldier flying using two Blackboxes strapped to fly while carrying a high explosive weapon next to said rocket pack is’nt? While I suffocate myself with an onion sandvich!?!? Nah, sorry bout that.

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I was rather dubios about it myself, but I thought what the fudge…kinda wish I hadn’t now :sigh:

I think Len s flare is not fit for picture, but the other parts are all nice.

Yeah…like I said wish I hadn’t done it now, thanks Dinny