"Rocket Men" Space Exploration


Do want the astronaut model. :v:

Also, really simple but nice. :3:

I hate Elton John, but cool pic.

Judging by the right shoulder he will start break dancing anytime!

Angle and editing looks hot, model is awsum but the low-res rock is low-res.

Nice. It looks a little empty and I’m not sure the red colour-scheme really fits the cold space environment, but good work overall.

really,where did you get this model?

Looks great, I’d love that model for some space shots of my own. My only complaint is the shoulder looks a little stiff.

Other than that nice, you get an artistic :slight_smile:

possibly the MW2 model we see in the trailers

I am guessing.

No, its from Mothership Zeta, I think the link is down, it was in the release section, not sure if its still there.

Or worse, he’ll “Geddan.”


The only place I know of to get the model is Gmod Tower