Rocket Propelled Hang Glider!

Here’s my idea for an aerial reconnaissance vehicle:

  1. loot the parachute from an airdrop
  2. loot the blades from a fallen chopper
  3. create a body harness and a rocket harness out of HQM and a ton of leather
  4. stretch the parachute cloth over a triangular frame made from the chopper blades
  5. place the glider
  6. attach the rocket behind the player harness (after removing the payload)
  7. attach your own harness to the glider, thus entering it.
  8. run towards a cliff
  9. jump at the edge
  10. engage the rocket
  11. use the rocket for lift and to gain altitude. The rocket will run out of fuel quickly, so get as high as you can!
    12 ) glide around, slowly losing altitude
  12. reconnoiter, sans the ability to use weapons, for your teammates or for your own enjoyment.

I’d also like to see skis which allow you to go down the snowy slopes at an accelerating pace

no one likes this?

I’m not sure this really fits Rust’s theme. It’s not a terrible idea but I’m not sure that fits with what the devs are going for.

But I have no idea, I can’t read their minds. Maybe garry’ll love it and concept art is going to be coming. All I’m saying is it’s not up to me, I’m just not sure how much it belongs.