Rocket ZX Rush 2049 (Decompiled Model in post!)

I’m requesting a Rocket ZX car from Rush 2049.
The furthest I could get with this is removing unnecessary parts of the model, and on the back, the “rocket engine” seems to be a repeating texture.
There’s a second texture in there that is that texture, but flipped to make the engine whole, that could be used if you know how to fix this.
ANYWAY, the textures are included and so is the model. I just don’t know how to compile it, and over all of the tutorials I use, I can’t figure it out. :c
And if you can, please fix the rocket engine on the back. It may or may not take a few renders for the model to actually have all of the textures rendered on it at once.
A full render of the vehicle is shown below.

Download the files.
Protip: Download is the link.
If you’re working on this, I would appreciate a response before or while you’re working on it.

Model completed after some studying. Thanks for all who tried anyway.

Your download link is broken. I need the Rush Rocket ZX car model.

Need and want are two different things, buddy. This thread has also been dead for four years, so consider checking the date of the last (or in this thread’s case, first) post in a thread before making your own. The general unwritten rule of thumb around here is to send a PM instead if the thread hasn’t been posted in for at least a month.