Rockets and C4 go straight through Buildings

We have been at the entity limit as far as building goes off and on for a day now. One thing I’ve noticed is that c4 and rockets go straight though buildings as if they weren’t even there. The rockets will go through and go into the map, blow up somewhere inside of it. This is on Seattle server but I am sure it is happening elsewhere. Like building, it sporadically works or does not work.

Can confirm this. I was having building parts collapse last night, but noticed that if I destroyed other buildings I could place a few more pieces. Not sure if it was unrelated, but it really seemed to make a difference. I knocked a big wood tower by taking out the foundation and roof, and was able to place a few more walls. I did it multiple times. Couldn’t place anything, then would run around and take out 5-10 more pieces, then I could place a few more.

This is what it looks like.