Rockets suck now?

rockets suck now that they’ve been nerfed…seems like a huge huge waste of resources. they barely blow anything up next to the one wall you’re aiming at. and for some reason it took me 5 rockets direct hits to a stone wall? and nobody EVER has enough resources in the base you raid to even break even on what you spent on it…some balance needs to be re-thought here because…u just waste soooo much time in this game…to hit end game, raid. and NOBODY ever has shit to pay you back when u raid.

Im sure rockets will be very useful soon without buffing them back. The rocket launcher will surely be a very useful weapon against the upcoming vehicles. And you still can use it against enemys in buildings very effective.
The weapon of choice against buildings is now again - as it should be - the explosive charge.

right now it takes about 5500 sulfur to craft enough c4 to blow a stone wall, and 5600 sulfur to craft enough rockets to blow a stone wall. rockets are basically mobile c4. same damage relatively to their price, and same cost.

if you say rockets are useless its like saying c4 is useless. in my opinion its okay thats rockets are expensive. i think in some case raiding can give profits, but moslty raiding isnt about the profit.

rockets have some nice aoe, so those 5 rockets you used to blow through 1 wall may leave you only needing 2-4 rockets for nearby walls/floors too

I think you need to do more scouting on a base before you raid it. Since you know it is going to cost you if the raid is not a good haul.

Question is also if we are talking the basic rocket here or any of the other types, like high velocity which fly longer but have less damage.

I’m happy rockets were nerfed. They basically made C4 obsolete after C4 was nerfed a while back. You could make rockets cheaper than C4 and they were way more effective. And that wasn’t right. For the tactical advantage of being usable at a distance, both as a raiding and offensive weapon, it needs a damage nerf - both on direct and splash damage - to balance out.

The rockets are fine. The problem with Rust right now is the gathering rate. It’s so low that making explosives takes forever AND building bases takes forever too. The end result of this is that people spend all they gather as they get it so they never have any leftovers.

I run a 3X server and at some point, you have enough wood/stone/metal/everything and start pilling up. Yeah you could continue adding to your base and make a 100x100x10 mega complex, but most people at some point will stop expanding and either build more bases or concentrate on raiding. It all goes hand in hand, more bases means more fun raiding, more resources means people actually gather at a rate that makes them tired of building so they start stacking up, etc.

IMHO the gather rate on everything in Vanilla needs to be X2 what it is now to fix that issue. This would mean rockets would be 2X cheaper too, fixing your rocket issue.

Wood and stone gathering should be increased, sulfur, metal, oil, and HQ metal should be harder, or take longer to get.

It’s a survival game even though the majority of people play it as PVP and raiding game.

I an enjoying being part of the development of this game at any rate.

And people who don’t do this say progress takes too long, they are mechanics so they can be made use of…

gathering is slow for a reason. it should take dedication if you want to farm and craft the explosive to raid someone. when you raid someone, you take everything from them. its crushing for the players to lose everything. raiding should be hard and an achievement in itself.