Rockford v2b ghost doors

We downloaded the rockford v2b vmf, had it edited a little, and compiled it. After compiling we tested it in single player, and everything works perfectly fine. As soon as we moved the map bsp file (edited) to the server, we connected and some of the doors on the map will still open and close if you click E on them, but people can just walk right through them.

  • cstrike mounted? Yes
  • resource.Add (rockford v2b materials and content) have been added to workshopdl in garrysmod/lua/server/workshopdl.lua on the server.

What could cause the doors to work perfectly fine in single player, but not in multiplayer? I questioned if something isn’t mounting properly.

Pretty sure you need episode 1 and/or 2. I don’t know what model the doors are in question but for evocity, without episode 1/2 mount red the doors are non solid but functional.