all rite,I built this jeep-like thing in one day (like most of my contraptions). It’s tiny and green and that’s good news to those tree hugging bastards!
Anyways, I used props to make suspension because I fail with elastic and I wanted to have at least some kind of suspension.


Better look at front suspension

Hopefully you can see it now!

I ordered largest shocks avaible to lift my Jeep and look what I got.

Can you get some better pictures?




It’s green.

It’s fugly.

I sort of like it.


^ still, bit hard 2 c

whats that you say ?

^ ? soz couldnt see

Your pics are like WTF LETS ZOOM IN HURR.
aka ^.

But from what i can actually take in it aint bayd.

Simple yet great techniques with the suspension and all… far prefer this kind of original building to Wire stuff. Like it, good job :slight_smile:

I like it :slight_smile:





it fits perfectly for ^

for gods sake stop posting this shit, nobody likes you go away

i thought it was kinda funny :frowning:

Video of it being blowed up please

Oh and it driving over, things and like… driving… …then blow it up