rocks for the naked guys

I think everyone knows how difficult it can be to go from rock to stone hatchet because stones are quite rare when the server is high populated
I have the request that the beginners rock could he transformed into 4-5 stones so that the unnecessary rocks are useful in the end and it is much easier for new spawns to get a stone hatchet and therefore getting a higher chance of surviving
Additionally the rocks in the backpacks of dead naked guys are getting away because they finally have an use
Less backpacks on the ground and better chance of getting out of the “early game”
What do you guys think about it?

Not a bad idea. However this will not work if they introduce new recipes that require stones as it will just be way too easy to exploit this to get a million rocks by logging in and out repeatedly for a few minutes.

Has to be a better solution to this. Maybe you can hit a rock anywhere to get 1-4 rocks before it runs out like you can do on any normal tree in the game.

Also not a bad idea but that makes rocks to a very common resource
But maybe that’s okay because there is no end game item that requires stone

I guess a simple solution would be to make the Stone Hatchet recipe [10 Wood & 1 Rock] instead of [10 Wood & 5 Stones].
This way we could balance early game and get rid of those Rocks.

Yep this whole rock thing is really annoying

You should be able to chisel rocks into tablets and write on them. Like the Flinstones!

I’m opposed to bandage solutions to major issues.

Major issue: Resources don’t scale well with server population.

Solution: Make them scale with server population.

Just make it so if you hit the ground you get stones. It would be like getting wood from a tree.