ROCKS - rocks are not re-spawning in current update

I manage 2 servers both up to date and both different maps.

I have 10-20 active players with 8+ concurrent. we are running out of rocks and they are not re-spawning. I scanned the map as admin and I do not see many rocks left in the world, I also do not see them in the ocean.

some of my player are reporting similar problems on other servers

Short answer: Update your server, wipe the map, and reboot.

Long answer: Update your server, run the ore removal command (someone will have to quote this, I can’t remember it and I’m too lazy to search), reboot, then wait.

if I can do it without wiping the map that would be great. So the ore removal tool will fix it without wiping the map?

I will search for it. anyone have the link it would be much appreciated.

Run this directly from the admin console or via rcon and then do not reboot your server until it has at least had a map save. This command nukes the entire server of ore resource spawns so that the spawner can begin placing them back in the map on the usual respawn schedule. This command was also part of the fix during the “ores spawn in waters, eventually all ore has respawned in water” bug.

Restarting the server before it’s had a chance to save the map means a rollback to the last save and then the del command was never run, so you end up exactly where you started.

you mean the “del autospawn/resource/ores” ? yeah that deleted all the rocks 701 nodes :slight_smile:

is there a respawn command?

I did change my spawn rate to spawn.max_rate 2.4 and spawn.min_rate 1.0

have not seen anyone report a spawn command, but i think increasing spawn rates was a good idea.

the “del autospawn/resource/ores” command seem to work - rocks are spawning everywhere again. the command removed 701 nodes. they were spawning somewhere but not sure where.

Does anyone have a new/full list of these types of admin commands? is there a add for resources to force a re-spawn or restore?