what are rocks used for? logged into the game and there was one in my inventory couldn’t throw it i could just melee with it. I also found out that there are driving controls in the options so maybe cars soon?!?!? :slight_smile:

What the rock looks like

There are already cars in, been for months, only admins spawn them in tho.

From now on you only spawn with rock, bandage and a flare, no more axes. :slight_smile:

Wow naked people with rocks? Its really starting to be like a caveman now. Can you craft hatchets now or research them?

or do rocks have the same properties of a hatchet?

You can craft the hatchet with 10 metal and 20 wood. :slight_smile: No need to research them.

i can deal with that.

Rocks gather the same strength as hatchet, just that they are even slower than pickaxe.

Do they deal less damage than hatchets?

You can’t throw them. Not sure about the damage but they swing alot slower then hatchets so naked people that spawn won’t be as annoying with hatchets.

This game just got 1000x times more epic.