RoflCopter [Release]


  1. Place “roflcopter.txt” inside “…/garrysmod/garrysmod/data/adv_duplicator”.
  2. ???
  3. Profit!


  1. Controls also print in chat on spawn
  2. Controls are commented in the E2 (Top part)
  3. If it doesn’t work, too bad.
  4. Read the readme.
  5. It’s breakable. VERY breakable.

Me (Evac) (STEAM_0:0:9850884) <- Build & Functioning
Kickapoo <- Being such a lovely faggot
Livey <- It’s his birthday!
Kee-Wee <- Being such a wuvable faggot

Here’s an over-dramatic video of it (By SlimFag):

Download link:

Epic, like always.


hey guys when i try it it doesnt work it says that a wheel model is missin >.< what did u use for it?

Also: Engine doesn’t start

I’m only going to say this one more time.


Maybe you didn’t read the readme.

The wheels were added to PHX3 SVN over a year ago :E (Xeon133).
If the engine doesn’t start, reset your binds.
F actually means flashlight
R = Reload
Alt = Walk

But a couple of days ago, when I updated my SVN they got removed for no reason :geno:

The wheels are now there (I redownloaded PHX3 via SVN)
I reseted my binds but the engine still doesn’t start :saddowns:

Ima give this a spin.


Is this a true autogyro?

Ain’t a roflcopter son.

Hardly even a вертолет.

im a wuvable faggot


Strange, I can start it and everything, but it doesn’t seem to actually work. It won’t leave the ground, move, and apparently im missing models such as shinywheel(or something of the such) anything I can do about it?

And yes, wiremod and phx are up to date

I have all the models and my wiremod is fully updated but when I get in the engine doesnt start and it cant move.

Guys who are having trouble try using it in a server. For some reason it won’t work in singleplayer.

Looks very win. On another note, 1st post :smiley:

It is a pretty nifty contraption. Unfortunately, I really can’t fly it due to the weak constraints that advanced dupe seems to create all the time. It tries to taxi but ends up wobbling itself into oblivion. Hilarious to see actually.


Actually just today, it spawned perfectly. This is an awesome contraption you made. Very fun and very easy to use.

does it go “soi soi soi soi soi”?