NODEX - It is not for you!

These were made by the infamous PAC!!!

Please enjoy the upcoming video recorded and edited by Slimswitch.

Also, please see the youtube description for more information.



You got that much manuverability out of gyrocopters? Are they true gyrocopters (as in their blades are unpowered)?

I couldn’t pay attention to what was going on in the video because all I could stare at was “” and think…“why not buy the video recorder if you going to do a video?”

What is with nodex (slimswitch and/or whoever does your vids) always using the most dramatic music you can find?? Calm down and use some cheerful music, especially when you’re screwing around like that - ruined it for me, I kinda just sat there going, ‘what the hell is going on’.

Nice map btw and why is there no1 ever on Nodex Uk?

Damn, I heard the epic music and saw all the copters flying about and I was hoping for epic dogfights. Anyways, cool gyroplane.

Few hours ago, it was full

I think they where going for the epic pitch.

Why are you trying to play on a UK server btw?

Why cant i play not it?

what map is that

a nodex map…

Not a roflcopter. This is.

Is there a download? and/or a nodex svn, cuz I want to get onto nodex sometime but I can’t find the svn…

failplane versus roflcopter:

Had to bump this epic contraption :slight_smile:

Yay. I’m in there. :stuck_out_tongue: