Rogue agent Fisher interrogating Someone

I wanted to do a pose with Dean’s Sam Fisher model, so here is the final result.

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And here is Enhanced_AI’s awesome edit! BE SURE TO CHECK IT OUT!

Bonus! (Previously seen in the Make a Pose Without a Thread Thread)

**C&C please!**

looks nice, I like the cuts.

The posing is spot on, especially on the hands, the blood and cuts are pretty nice too, maybe make him look a bit more beated up would make it look more realistic.

The only problem I can see is that the picture looks a bit bland, mostly because it’s too opaque, try using a light entitie ingame or raising the contrast a bit to avoid this.

Also, as I said on the “Didnt wanted to make a thread” thread, the bonus looks fucking awesome.

Oh dear, you are bleeding. Let me feel your pulse, and have a look at this gun. Well made cut and blood.

Looks amazing and I really like the way the cuts look

There’s a bit of a fisheye effect you got going on there. I like the blood.


there is also something off about the edit; mainly the more detailed fabric textures that I don’t like

i like the 2nd pic, the one where the guy is shooting
too bad the background has no motion blur to make it show like hes moving


I was going to add bruises and shit like that, but I forgot. :v: And I do agree, it does look a little bland. And thanks, I think that my Max Payne-esque pose is my best editing to date. :buddy:

Yeah, I didn’t think of that.


Please, more C&C! I strive to learn from my mistakes!