Rogue Fighter Pilot (Edit me!)

I couldn’t think of a better title, because this is kind of an ambiguous scene.

This is my second non-practice pose. It took me about 45 minutes to do. Everything is in-game; there has been no editing from a third-party program.

Basically, a fighter pilot went rogue, got shot down, is wounded, is being taunted by an admiral in a dropship as he reaches for his pistol whilst dying. Yes, that’s the wreckage of his fighter in the background.

Not really top quality, but they’re OK in my opinion. They’re just begging to be edited by someone with skills, though.

Comments? Criticism? Edits? This took me a while to do, so I’ll be rather disappointed if I don’t get any feedback…

She smiles at the guy who’s legs won’t work and is about to die…


I’m diggin’ the dropship!

Hence she’s taunting him


Space nazis aren’t nice people

It’s just too boring, angles are kind of weird, just use a different map

There aren’t many maps with enough open space to accommodate the dropship, the wreckage of a large fighter, and the guy.

Trust me, I went through all the maps Trevor had. Runoff was the best choice.

The camera angles have to be sort of odd to keep everything in frame without obscuring the view with grass. I probably shouldn’t have picked a large scale pose like this for my second, but it was fun to make.

Have you ever considered scene building?

Not really, no, seeing how this is my second pose.

That’s an awesome ship model. Shame the pictures are so small.

Man, she’s a bitch.

THERS somthing called the ** Edit my screenshot thread**

Better than anything you’ve ever achieved.

Anyways, I like these screenshots. I really think you have a future here.

Oops i ment to poot kellys words in quote

I don’t actually own Garry’s Mod; these were made on a friend’s account. I doubt I’ll be very active in here for a while since now I’m not at said friend’s house.


I didn’t want to put it in there because there’s a lot of pictures and I want criticism, not just editing.