Rogue Squadron attacking the Eclipse II-class Star Destroyer

Originals, you want to see, hm?

C&C I need. Fucking C&C.

Oh boy. Space fight. Lasers looks a bit bright. But this is pretty good. Explosions is ace. Perhaps some twinkling stars in the background would do.

Oh… The lasers are looking weird, 1, They are fading out, it looks better when they are getting thinner 2, They are too hard, blur a bit. 3, The colors are too solid. 4, Enviroment is not reacting to those lasers.
Also, some of them are ending too strong.

This may help. link not working, damn, looking for another one

I liked your previous Giant one more :3

where are the stars ?

That’s a very empty galaxy, i think you forgot to add stars and planets.

Fuck, I knew I forgot something. Adding the stars now.

And the lasers aren’t fading out. It’s the motion blur.

If there is a motion blur on the lasers i am blind :confused:


Also, the lasers don’t look like they are coming outta that ships - they look, just like photoshoped :3

Then tell me a way to make them look like they’re coming from the ships.

Also, the whole picture is motion-blurred.

Stars added I have.

I am sorry, but i never was good at tracers/lasers.

Cannot help :confused: Just critise. Yeah, it sounds dumb.

It doesn’t. Criticizing and/or whining is the right of all sentient beings.

tracers suck but the explosions are good.

That still does not tell how I possibly could improve them.

Hm. I think you went a little too far with this one. I expected better from the thread title. Basically what everyone else has said already.

Too bad the only truly useful reply came from Juraj.

And how “went too far”? I know what it means in this case, but what do you mean?

I have a version without the motion blur, should I put it up instead?

How is this bad? If someone can give me the low down on how this is’t apparently good, please tell.

I like the lasers and the pic in general looks good. Feels like Star Wars.

I don’t see anything wrong with the tracers, good job.

This picture looks sweet. I don’t get how so many people get picky about something like this, It looks nice in fact If there were a rating I’d give it 9/10 (only because I always end up going lower than I feel like that :3) This picture looks nice the lasers look fine to me and I don’t see much wrong with it. I feel like I’m playing a starwars game… sorta… you know :smiley:

For fuck’s sake can you not work anything out on your own? Did you not stop to think that maybe not everyone wants to write a big essay for you every time they comment, or maybe some people don’t know exactly why they dislike a picture? God I swear you’re purposefully trying to be whiny. You think Vman and Uberslug had every single comment as a giant tutorial when they were learning? Working stuff out for yourself is the main fun of editing.

In the hope you might stop snivelling:

There’s just too much going on in the picture. I know some scenes in Star Wars are like this, but in my opinion this would have been cooler if the picture was more structured and more cinematic with less going on instead of, in short of a better term, a cluster-fuck. The blur, the bloom, the glow from the mass of lasers, the depth-of-field… it all just merges together and it’s like “oh God what the hell am I supposed to focus on?”.

The laser tracers seem off. I can’t work out why exactly but they do so you’ll have to live with that as a critique. As a guess, I’d say it’s because they don’t merge into the depth-of-field, giving them a pasted-on look.

The explosions are really good but, as I said, with the contrast/bloom and all the other lasers with their glow, it all becomes harsh on the eyes.

There’s your essay. I hope it comes in handy.

Explosions are a bit meh, in my opinion.

For fuck’s sake, I ask a simple and non-hostile question, and I get a rant in return? Oh well, it’s the internet anyway…

And you think I haven’t “worked stuff out” myself? You think I have learned everything from tutorials and comments? Burn in Hell.