Roguelike PVE gamemode prototype for s&box

For some reason I had the idea of making a zombie-wave shooter when I was messing with the Source 1 SDK the other day.
So, I added a wave spawner entity to a custom .fgd and started playing around on a quick map sketch.
I don’t mind writing some C++, but the SDK has some weird issues with NPC animations. I also realize that stuff like this (and the general scope of things I want to make) is better suited for Gmod/s&box.
So, for now, garry’s mod it is.

The plan for one of my s&box gamemodes is just “something roguelike”. Yeah, I could probably do with more buzzwords. I’ll use this prototype to test out some item ideas now, so that I can eliminate all the shit ideas before working in s&box.

So, a zombie-wave survival game with inspiration from COD: Zombies, Left4Dead, etc. A bit done to death these days huh.
But, let’s try slapping roguelike elements onto it. Randomness makes the dev’s job easier!
The point of including rogue-likeyness is mostly just the items. Items are awesome. If you need an example play Risk of Rain 1 or 2. Kill enemies, enemies drop money, open chest with money, chest drops random item, and repeat. Picking up a random item mutates the players stats and behavior. The reason why its fun is, there are a BUNCH of items in these types of games that all do something. There has to be, because the magic comes from the overlapping of these items’ behavior and creating emergent gameplay mechanics.
This doesn’t have to be a zombie game. I just want to make a PVE gamemode that you and a few of your buds can hop into and start blasting. Zombies are just an easy starting point.

If you have any ideas, spitball them. I could sure use some.


Lately, I’ve been playing a Garry’s Mod game mode called “Horde” with a friend. It’s extremely fun but lacks a lot of late-game variations or upgrades. It got stale quickly because we’d get all of our needed upgrades by wave 4. (It goes to 10)

Honestly, if you could make it work with other NPCs rather than just zombies that’d be awesome. Tech Upgrades like Kamikaze/explosive Manhacks. You could modify with tools or perks, Turrets with different ammo types, (Bullet, Pulse, Flame thrower) Unique weapons like crossbows (That can have modified tips like gasoline/poison/fire) That can increase in radius with a special item.

Things like that really stack up and shine through making things chaotic but in a fun way.

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I will definitely check Horde out. I think I may have only heard of it briefly before.

Yeah, definitely. The way I explained the idea was way too scatterbrained. The ideal fruition of this idea would involve multiple enemy types.

This is a good idea for different base characters (Survivors in RoR2). I’ll incorporate that and see where it goes.

Right now I’m just working on the inventory/item system. I’ve got pickups working, just need to wire them up to actually effect the player once they’ve been picked up, and display the pickup message.

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Do you need help with anything? I would love to assist and maybe learn a thing or two out of it. My discord is Silta#0103 if you’d like to add me!

Got items and pickups working.

The speed boots only have a minor effect so you have to stack them to see results more clearly.

Here’s picking up a bunch of speed boots.

Added a few more items and cleaned up some code.
They all work except for the reduced fall damage one, that one is borked rn and multiplies fall damage instead…

Alright. I think I’m gonna stop here and put this project down. I’m gonna probably pick this back up in s&box in a few months if I’m still interested.

I like the roguelike FPS idea, so I hope you pick it back up in s&box.

I need to retract that, I was wrong. Something weird was up with my HL2 cfgs and it was happening in all hl2 based mods, it wasn’t the SDK’s fault…