Join us by using your console( press F1 type -> net.connect
and hit enter:)

Server Wiped 17 APR 2014

Here at Rogue Squadron we do our best to make sure our players have fun playing the game. Our server boasts a fun and useful collection of mods to enhance the game.

Our Admins:

Visit our Website:
You can join our TeamSpeak server at:
For any questions, comments, or concerns email: Please include your Steam name.

Refer a friend and get 1000 Wood!

Check out our Website store for unique and beneficial packages available for purchase to aid you in game play.

Here are some of the mod features available to players who join us:

  1. Oxide

  2. Door sharing: this feature allows you to share doors that you have placed with certain people and allows you to avoid having to use a number password.

  3. LES leveling system: Our leveling system allows you to develop skill abilities for different weapons and armor, as well as increase your chances of finding what you need from killing Rad animals. Type /skillhelp in the server chat for more details.

  4. Remove Tool: This tool enables a player to strike or shoot a placed building item and remove it, so long as they are the owner of said building piece. Simply type /remove in the server chat to enable.

5.Online user list and stats: Type /list in the server chat to see a list of all online players and their levels.

  1. Chat History: You can type /history in the server chat to view the previous messages in chat.

  2. Quarter Craft: Crafting time in our server has been reduced to one quarter standard time.

  3. Remote Door Control: This allows a player to type /doorclose or /dooropen in the server chat and open or close all of their doors from anywhere on the map.

  4. Groups: You can create a group with friends on this server and avoid killing friends by disabling friendly fire.

  5. Uncraftables: Certain items in our server, like C4, M4’s and MP5A4’s are uncraftable in our server. We have installed a rare military weapons mod and along with uncraftable items and decay, hope that we can keep the server from developing superpowers at a fast rate.

  6. Active Admin: This server has one active admin (Ygritte The wildling) who acts as a peaceful player that enforces rules on this server.

  7. Events: Our server hosts nightly game events at 7pm EST with rewards, and hosts large arena events on Saturday nights.

  8. Market: This will allow players to earn coins by killing animals and other players and use them to purchase items on the market.

  9. Set Home Tele system: You will be able to set six teleport locations anywhere they want on the server map, and by using a chat command, teleport there for a price (in coins). Use /tele set ‘name of choice’ to set a location and use /tele ‘choosen name’ to teleport to the location.

  10. No sleepers

No shame bump

The server IP has changed but the server is just as good as ever. Great place for new payers to start out.

Awesome server. I’ve started building base 4 now. Anyone want to be the first to tear them down?

Great place top go to learn the game, very helpful to new players and run regular events


Great server to come play. Some KoS but not a ton. Still only a handful of peple have advanced military loot.

Just got an influx of new players.

its a fun server that has admin run events most days

Just got done with a fun event. Sorry you all missed out >.>



Server Just got wiped!

Still on an even playing field

Happy Easter folks!