Rokkit Ball and Marble Blast Ultra - Let's revive that shit!

Rokkitball (Not to be confused with the Source Mod “SmashBall”) and Marble Blast Ultra were two of the many games available on Unfortunately Instantaction was shut down, and we could no more play these games.

If you don’t know what Rokkitball / Marble Blast is, you missed out on some great shit.


Rokkitball is a futuristic team-based game that’s best described as basketball with rocket launchers and magno-beams. Launched in April 2008 with support for up to eight players, Rokkitball puts players on an ultramodern playfield with multiple goals. The tactics reward a combination of precision fire and team positioning to disrupt the enemy and control the field.

Marble Blast Ultra:

Marble Blast Ultra (commonly abbreviated as MBU) is a 3D puzzle/action game involving a marble developed by GarageGames. It was released on January 25, 2006 for the Xbox 360 via Xbox Live Arcade. It is the sequel to Marble Blast Gold. It features 60 brand new levels, enhanced graphics, 2 new power-ups and a multiplayer mode. A PC port of the game under the title Marble Blast Online was playable exclusively at InstantAction until the website was shut down. As of year-end 2010, Marble Blast Ultra has sold over 756,000 copies.

Note that on January 31st 2011, GarageGames lost their license to sell any Product related to Marble Blast. Though Marble Blast Ultra is still available on Xbox, I don’t know who owns it.


Also Note: I Have Access to the Marble Blast Ultra textures, Models, and Sounds since I downloaded the game before It wasn’t available anymore, meaning I can map.

I think that these two classic games would be a great gamemode for Garry’s Mod, or even a source mod itself.

Hmm, I’ve been looking for a project to do, and I already have the control system for Marble Blast - I’ll give it a shot.

Marble blast was my favourite X360 game.

Marble Blast is awesome! I’d love to get something like it based on fretta :slight_smile:

Teaser pic!

That looks fun as hell, do you think I could help you on that, also reading the OP he has the models and whatnot, I could compile the models for different marbles and such. I’ll add you on steam.

Looking very awesome! Can’t wait to see it :slight_smile:

Gamedev, can you provide me with a link to the models and textures and content from that game. I am looking into porting the models.

Sheesh, FP didn’t tell me there were new posts here.

Looks great Feihc!

i am glad you guys like the game.
if you really want to do something then better come to this small site where you have a lot other RokkitBall players and we can do something there easyer then here on forums.

LjuboM-RokkitBall player from the end of that vidoe :slight_smile:

Hey, that Rokkitball video is mine. I just happened to see this, however I see the last post (excluding LjuboM’s post) was made on february 16th. So is anything happening? I’d really love to see RB up again but we don’t have the team of game developers we’d need or even the money to get the code.

I miss guys i hope we get to play RB someday together or if not we can tell each other online game we can play together :dance: