Role play Help please

Hey guys, i am currently trying to make a Star wars RP server, and my game mode isnt working, i put the gamemode in the server, and nothing happens… It just either doesn’t work or puts it on sand box.
Can someone please help me? Thanks.
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Be sure you’re placing the addons in the ‘garrysmod\addons’ directory. Otherwise, I’d need to know the error you’re receiving to understand why the addon isn’t behaving right.

How do you have the files directories (lua/autorun …) inside the addon?

Hello, could i ask you to add me on steam?

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Hello, could i ask you to add me on steam?

Im on the phone, just say it here so we can help you

So can you explain what i need to do, currently all i have done is added it to the gamemode folder, as far as im aware, thats all you need to do.

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Bayrock, i am not getting any errors… there is no addons or such, its just the gamemode.

Is this on a dedicated server? If so you need to make sure the server is set to the starwarsRP gamemode.

Its not.

Just re-asking what i asked and you didnt answer

I misinterpreted your post thinking you wanted to install addons. You need to place the gamemode inside ‘garrysmod\gamemodes’ and set your server to start that gamemode.

He is saying its an addon

It isnt an addon. ITs a gamemode. Im confused on what you mean, i havent put anything in there, to do with the gamemode…

You said its an addon.
Either way, can you answer my other question?

I dont understand your question, can you put it a different way please.

How are the folders and files setup on the gamemode (file order)

There isnt really much in there, theres a shared.lua, a garrysmod.json?

Thats the problem then, you need a gamemode folder for the lua stuff, incluiding cl init and else, and a content folder for materials, etc

in the startup change +gamemode sandbox to yourgamemode name ?

Do you know where i can find a Star Wars RP gamemode that works? i can pay.