Rolenation - Serious Half Life Two Roleplaying Servers - Metropolis | Map City_18 - Outlands | Map rp_coast_07 | Passworded.

All ran by Studio Sixteens: “Half Life 2” script.

Rolenation’s serious half life two roleplaying server provides a strict roleplaying enviroment of how it feels to be supressed beneath the Universal Unions wrath or being saved by the resistance movement that await you from amongst the city-18 walls.

Linked server databases.

The gamemode features the following.

*F1 Directory for all your ingame needs.
*Character creation menu.
*Working attribute system.
*Name system.
*Settings to adjust your gamemode.
*A fully working custom script enforcer.
*Inventory and Item save.
*Flaggable factions.
*Spray paint script.
*Working radio script.
*Private messaging system.
*Door script that allows you to buy apartments.
*A fantastic administrator team awaiting to assist you at any time needed.
Ingame introduction

Working drink machines.

Spray paint and sign script.

Weapon holster

Metropolitan police force.

Combine Locks.

Armory for equptment, weaponry, and ammunition

Special dispatch system

Working vehicles (APC and Helicopter)

About the gamemode.

Awesome, Looks like Tacoscript in the tab though, but I like this

I like those ads on the walls.

This is ts2…

I went on the server to check some of the details in the script, I only like the aesthetic parts of the scripts, ala GTAIV intro style 3d2d text etc. Anyway, someone talked to me through console and wanted me to take a few screenies of the menus, because the ones in the OP are old, so I did.

I don’t approve of the community, however.

Shouldn’t this be in the server advertisements section?

Nice, but… IC stealing = OOC Penalty? That’s the most rediculous thing I’ve heard, you’re admins for Christ’s sake, since when does that bother you? Just arrest them if they get caught, and if not, then fine, but permabanning? Pfft…

Still, I like how the script adds a sort of damp and tragic setting.

Good script, shit community. They let anyone have admin on there literally.

It’s because ICly the doors require Civil Protection access only, and the only way for citizens to get in-side the storage room is via a certain glitch. So we leave that message for them.


We haven’t really had any new admins for a long time. We’ve had like the same eight admins for a year, and they’re bloody good.

Don’t bother replying, allow them to state what they wish.

Nevermind what I said previously lol.

Looks pretty cool the script, never played on Rolenation servers though.

I agree, up until you said the admin team was good. There is no visible admin team, they do absolutely nothing to stop the constant influx of trolls on HL2RP.

Also, because kuro is too lazy to amend this, he’s taken HL2RP and Severance down.

Why didn’t Conna post this himself? He’s unbanned now.

Then fix the glich instead of breaking the fourth wall >_>.

It runs Kuro’s Prototype Script with Half-Life 2 mounted just like Evac RP and Relentless I assume?


rate me bad reading

servers down?

I believe this is Kuromekus?

Not really,

Oh, rebanned. And de-golded.

Don’t bother posting anymore.

Rolenation has closed down the HL2RP and Severence unfortunatly in reasons to focus on there " Apocalyptic " Server…