Roleplay Base Script

I’m planning on making a Roleplay server, but I need a good base script to start off.
And please, no stolen scripts.

sandbox XD no i am jokeing i not shure u could use dark rp.

There is a gamemode that comes with GMod which does exactly what you want. Don’t ask me which, there are only three anyway :V

I will NEVER use DarkRP. It is a disgrace to Garry’s Mod.

Are you saying hosting a DarkRP server would automatically make YOU a minge?! It’s the easiest around to quickly setup and configure to your needs, everything else is just asking for trouble. Your second best bet would probably be making a gamemode from scratch.

No DarkRP is not a disgrace, the players are.

Sandbox is a good base.

Base is the best base and requires the best scripters to turn nothing into something.

DarkRP is stupid. It’s un-serious and a complete joke.


Agreed, but now that the players are a disgrace, so is the gamemode.


I need a half-finished script. I am horrible at scripting, so I need a better base.

I seriously think that people like you are un-serious and a complete joke. Fucking Pesamists.

DarkRP is good if the community is good. Run a tight ship and it will work very well.

You’d be best off making your own, really.