Roleplay Blogging!

There’s a lack of finite discussion on topics that plague roleplay in garry’s mod other than in remote forum threads now and then strung amongst various communities.

Blogs as they’ve been known are a great soapbox for individuals wishing to express their opinion to a broader audience and a few related to roleplay have popped up over time.

I’ll throw in a video or two of mine that I haven’t put on my blog yet, then a few blogs that I know of. (Not always roleplay related. Usually.) (DSRP’s Blog. Primarily written by myself with the occasional guest post.)

Latest video quickposts for /woot/

A few other communities / individuals have had blogs, yet for the most part they’re down or gone, so throw in your own links / information here. Let’s get some serious dialogue going on the issues hassling roleplay in gmod. It’s not a foregone platform technology wise as Gmodtower has shown us with it’s level of interactivity in a large player enviroment, even if it isn’t roleplay related. It showed that a steady stream of 60 people can and does exist in a 24 hour enviroment and is managable with the right script tools and administration policy.

Very useful.

Are there really only two RP blogs left?

I’m a writer for the DSRP blog (A select few of you would remember that community from 2006-2007 which was easily the peak of hl2rp on gmod in my opinion) and I’d really appreciate more comments and criticism on my posts because the issue’s I’ve written about don’t apply to just TnB or DSRP or Darkrp community #34125. They apply to all of us and I feel we can make the general quality of rp better and something to be respected. Not laughed at.