Roleplay chat and NPC weapon dropping

Me and my buddies have been using a modified version of sandbox for roleplaying, but we are in serious need of a roleplay chat mod. I myself can’t seem to come up with anything, and I’ve tried and failed many times at learning lua to create my own scripts. Could someone come up with a simple chat mod that I can implement into my gamemode, or that’s a separate script?

It would need to consist of the following:
-Distance limited chat like whispering (preferably easy to change chat commands/appearance)
-simple OOC

If you make one distanced chat like whispering, I can just copy that and change the variables for yelling/radio stuff like that.

Example on how I’d like the chat to work:

for whispering,
command would be “/w”
it would come out like:
Laxsith:"(Whisper) Psst, hey you!"

Any help on this would be great, thanks!

I’m pretty sure ULRP has this in it, but if it doesn’t you could just use this

Is there any way I could build it directly into my gamemode? If there is I can’t figure out how…
I also forgot to ask if there was any way to make NPCs not drop weapons when they die?

I don’t know about weapon dropping, but I made this addon for RP chat (and chat alone) a while back:

Yes, that’s what SaltyPepper linked me to. :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s great, but I’d prefer it not be toggled, and always be on. :\