Roleplay Chat Exerts

Post your roleplay chat exerts, as long as they’re somewhat interesting, This is me and some Duty guy on HGN Stalker Roleplay, I’m cosmo.

** [Red/Black Bandana|Dog…] has a pistol in one hand, and a boar chop in his other.
[Red/Black Bandana|Dog…] says “Name and business, please.”
** Cosmo Mirnoliczek enters the room, examining the unusual darkness, smoking coming out of his nostrils, “Privyet,”, clearing his throat, -
** Cosmo Mirnoliczek “My name is cosmo”, with a grin, “I have no business, just… getting away from freedom.”
[Red/Black Bandana|Dog…] says “Ah. I see.”
** Cosmo Mirnoliczek burns out his cigarrette on his hand, pocketing it, and shifting his weight so his slung AK74MN hangs off his shoulder
Cosmo Mirnoliczek says “This is duty, no?”
[Red/Black Bandana|Dog…] says “Yes, it is.”
** Cosmo Mirnoliczek nods slowly, “So, you got food to spare? I’m starving!”, lickin his lips, invisible under the hood of his parka
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[Red/Black Bandana|Dog…] says “No, actually. I just got transferred here and uh…I just ate the last of the food.”
[Red/Black Bandana|Dog…] says “It was a boar chop.”
** [Red/Black Bandana|Dog…] looks at it in his hand, then holds it out.
[Red/Black Bandana|Dog…] says “I’m full.”
** Cosmo Mirnoliczek examines the mans exo-skeleton, the fact that he is new and is heavily supplied doesn’t add up, “I see.”
[Red/Black Bandana|Dog…] says “Yeah, this place has no fuckin’ food.”
** Cosmo Mirnoliczek lets out a slight chuckle, “Hey, you got any AK-74 rounds? I’m all out…”
[Red/Black Bandana|Dog…] says “Yes, but none to spare.”
[Red/Black Bandana|Dog…] says “Sorry, friend.”
Cosmo Mirnoliczek says “How about we go and give freedom a visit? Get some free loot?”
** Cosmo Mirnoliczek grins, “Duty takes the credit, we take the 60/40 split.”
** [Red/Black Bandana|Dog…] smiles, “Well, I AM Duty right now. I mean, I need to get some more men in here first.”
** Cosmo Mirnoliczek laughs, “Well, then me and ‘Duty’, can take on freedom, there can’t be many in the area, no?”
** Cosmo Mirnoliczek’s accent seems different, more chechen than russian, the long scar down his eye tells experience
[Red/Black Bandana|Dog…] says “Mmmm, you’d be suprised. They’re known for their guerilla tactics. While I’d love to, I can’t. Not right now.”
[LOOC] Lt.Col. Vasyl Wasylyk: Plus I’m about to leave, sooo…
[LOOC] Cosmo Mirnoliczek: k
[LOOC] Lt.Col. Vasyl Wasylyk: Sorry bud.
** Cosmo Mirnoliczek nods, “I didn’t catch your name, pal.”
[Red/Black Bandana|Dog…] says “Lieutenant Colonel Vasyl Wasylyk. Commanding Officer of this outpost.”
** Cosmo Mirnoliczek nods, “Well, commander, you know where I can get myself some rounds?”
[Red/Black Bandana|Dog…] says “Right now? I’m not sure.”
[Red/Black Bandana|Dog…] says “Sorry, friend.”
** Cosmo Mirnoliczek grins, “My shooter isn’t loaded, see, I keep my shooter loaded.”, holding up a vodka bottle, "And this guy keeps me loaded
** [Red/Black Bandana|Dog…] laughs.
[Red/Black Bandana|Dog…] says “Very good.”
** Cosmo Mirnoliczek lets out a slight laugh, “Do you know any areas where there might be people willing to possibly sell me some rounds?”
** [Red/Black Bandana|Dog…] shakes his head, “Other than Freedom…no. You could try the old mansion, though. There were some mercenaries set up there
[Red/Black Bandana|Dog…] says “Selling goods.””
[Red/Black Bandana|Dog…] says “But that was yesterday. Who knows where they are today.”
** Cosmo Mirnoliczek nods, a more serious expression about him, “I think I’ll just give freedom a surprise, if I can’t find anyone.”, leaning
** over to dust off his boot, “See you friend, also, wheres this mansion?”
[Red/Black Bandana|Dog…] says "The mansion is opposite of Freedom in that half of the sector. Just follow the road past the Ecologist bunker, and past that "
[Red/Black Bandana|Dog…] says “scrap area.”
** [Red/Black Bandana|Dog…] holds the boar chop out, “Here’s about all I can give you right now, friend.”
** Cosmo Mirnoliczek nods, “Alright, see you around, pal.”
** Cosmo Mirnoliczek holds his hand up, waving it, “No, no, all yours.”
[Red/Black Bandana|Dog…] says “I’m full, really. Take it.”
[LOOC] Cosmo Mirnoliczek: f2 me.
[Red/Black Bandana|Dog…] says “Plus I think I saw a protein bar in there I’ll eat later.”
** Cosmo Mirnoliczek nods, taking the chop, “Thanks pal, see you around.”
** Lt.Col. Vasyl Wasylyk nods, “Take it easy. But not too easy. Not…Freedom easy.”
** Cosmo Mirnoliczek smiles, “If you ever need anyone done for, let me know. My pda number is <number>”
Lt.Col. Vasyl Wasylyk says “Well, much appreciated, my good sir.”
Lt.Col. Vasyl Wasylyk says “I’ll be seeing you.”
** Lt.Col. Vasyl Wasylyk gives a casual salute.
** Cosmo Mirnoliczek nods, turning around, slinging his AK74M back into his hands