Roleplay Economy

Hello People!

The reason i made this thread is because i am in need of help of elite people of facepunch.

I am owning a darkrp server,and i am planning to use this map

And in my server i have Legal also Illegal ways to earn money such as “Woodcutting,Mining,Farming” , “Drug Cooking,Money Printing,Bank Robbery,ATM Cracking etc.” Anyway.

I planned to make it so when you have x amount of money you can buy 1 month vip with ingame money but after that they will still get bored.“Because they will be rich and they will fuck up the economy of the server for the new people that starts to play on the server”

And most of the darkrp server uses cars to make it so people spends their money.

Forgot to tell it but i made it so hunger module is on to make it so people will spend their money a bit.

And yeah can you guys help me about economy of roleplay.Any idea about a way to spend their money is appreciated.

Thank you for reading.

Hopefully it is the right section.If it is not please tell it to me. Thank you.

So what do you need help with exactly? A good solution to the donator economy thing could be to have donator unlock items instead of money. As long as these items aren’t game changing or overpowered it would be a decent way to donate without fucking the economy.

I guess i typed wrong.Anyway the idea was like after you play for like 2 week you will get rich.And after you get rich you will need to spend that money or it will be pointless to farm money.And about donator idea is to make an npc that will get your 10 mil ingame money and give you donor rank for it .Not like selling donator with ingame items and 10 mil ingame money

I need help to find ways to make people spend their money basically.

You could have maybe some kinda valve like system with keys and crates but a key costs like 1 million. The benefits of these crates could be awesome enough to really want them and be tradable.

Wow that is actually good idea i will think about it.

Thank you for your idea :smiley:

Any other ideas?