RolePlay Furniture

Deleted. You will find that somewhere else.

This will be perfect for roleplays, or even comics! Now we can finally have some realistic props for a change. All I can say is to work on the metal skin, maybe darken it up a bit.

This is great!
Maybe just add more colours because …I Don’t think it looks natural. you know, gray and black…

Maybe add some phong?

These are wonderful. Have you thought about adding a sink? All kitchens need a sink.

As soon as I have enough models I’ll have a look at using “model-skins”. I don’t really know how to use them at the moment, but it’ll be surely better the next time.

A sink? Thanks for this idea… I would have forgotten this :wink:

Looks good. like what feloix13 said, needs different or more colors

This would be awesome if you added the functions, so you would be able to cook food you got from someone and store it.

Great!! Please make the doors and the bodies of the furniture seperate though. I think you could make some entities out of these.

Well… this is a good idea, but I can’t really code lua to make such an addon. If you know someone who can do this, please tell me :slight_smile:

Well, I could do that. I’m working on an items system right now and this would be ideal for containers that have functions such as cooking or preserving things.


I didn’t mean you specifically could make entities, I meant that somebody could make entities out of these models if the door and body of the model were seperate.

@theJ89: Well… if you’re already on a system like this, you have the permission to use my models. I just want to know about the status :slight_smile:

A Kitchen table and stool would be nice! And we need a deep fryer for our cheeseburgers and fries! NomNomNom!




This kicks so much ass!

Make more please.

i want an entire furniture set

This is actually a very, very good idea. I am tired of seeing a family of 4 sitting on acouch that they got at a garage sale in Pripyat…

I’m with you… that’s why I make those models.

And by the way… interesting way you see it.

“Everything but the kitchen sink”.

1x :v: + 1x

= 1x

Now if only Garry would add that rating…lol

I’ve updated the package. It has now a sink, an exhaust hoor or whatever you tell it and some small updates.
It’s on now: ce_rp_003 Alpha.