Roleplay Gamemode Base

A Simple roleplay Gamemode base that would include:

Light weight Money System

Data Saving on exit

Simplistic HUD made for developers

Not asking for anything over the top, just something I can start with Since I despise coding from scratch.

What we will get from it?

I don’t think that’s what he meant.

Moja, what do you mean by a base? Do you need something which is more like a framework?

i dont know but why dont you edit darkrp?

It’d be way too lite. I can code all of those 3 features in like not even 10 minutes (depending on your way of saving).

DarkRP is already Ruined, with all of it’s features and Unoptimized coding.

A Framework, yes, Something I can take, and starting adding content on to sort of How Linux, and it’s 'Distro’s Work.

Like the rapist said, something like that won’t take more then 10 minutes to make.

Yes, well I since it’s so easy could you possibly create it?

Framework is like a prefab structure. This is more like a base because they rewrite parts for optimization. Sure it does have some part but its closer to a base by long shot.

I know what a base is, thank you.

No, you shoud learn how to do it yourself, I could help you though.