Roleplay Gamemode - Possibly the biggest roleplay gamemode project yet

IMPORTANT when finished, only gona make a server if we have alot of people typing in the comments saying they will join (i will release the gamemode no matter what)

This gamemode has no name yet (put suggestions in comments),
I’ve always thought gmod lacked a good roleplay that was actually realistic in all ways possible, and also not based on gta or any other games…
this gamemode isnt just another gangster/darkrp esc gamemode…

Conact Info
Steam: TheDevilHimself
Skype: Killerman734

NOTE will have custom menu’s and options for all of teh jobs that are made NOTE
Police Officer
Police Chief
Fast Food Worker
Fast Food Manager
Hotel Manager
Hotel Worker
Buisness Owner
Buisness Worker
Bodyguard for hire
Terrorist Leader
Road Service
Admin On Duty
Restraunt Owner
Restraunt Worker
Drug Dealer
Drug Worker
Heist Leader
Rich Snob
School Principle
School Teacher
School Janitor
School Student
Box Factory Worker
Factory Worker
Factory Supervisor
(Adding More)


Things i need help with:

wanna help with any of this stuff? contact me! (contact info on bottom of this post)

  • Need Map Made
  • Hud Maker
  • Suggestions

Conact Info
Steam: TheDevilHimself
Skype: Killerman734

Yet another DarkRP. Good lord.

Get rid of the school, business, hotel, etc businesses no one will use them as they should. (Just a suggestion)

NOTE- I will join

Honestly just get rid of all the jobs, minus government positions. Leave the roleplaying up to the players, with incentives to actually TRY it.

Regardless, it looks like you’re just taking some random DarkRP server and trying to make it into a “serious” roleplay.

This looks like almost identically made to be a DarkRP offshoot, with the added exception that you’ve already filled in the ideas guy slot, so now you just need a map maker, a HUD designer, and probably someone to script it all as well.

I recommend going to ScriptFodder, you’ll find some pro darkrp job coders there.

Expect 6 applies in 3 seconds

Another “Big Server Man”. DarkRP is too overdone…

Cider is an excellent base RP if you want to get a real unique community…

Yeah and you are one of them. [sp]Dumbass[/sp]

The only jobs you should have is goverment let the players decide what else they want to do.

You shouldn’t judge people that do what you do but better. [sp] And can dock [/sp]

I don’t understand how more jobs are better. It should be government jobs and citizens. That’s it. Gun dealer would be a government job and you need a license to buy from a gun dealer. Citizens can be whoever and whatever they wanna be, you don’t need to be in the job as a hitman, just be a hitman. Also, remove the name tags and job names above peoples head, so you have to ask for peoples name.

To be honest this isn’t really a project, it’s more like you’re adding to a DarkRP base. Imo, just pick a different base other than DarkRP, add essential jobs and allow the players to make the server what it is and not what the jobs force them to do.

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PM me the gamemode once it is ready. Thanks forever.