RolePlay gamemode

Tell me if this is the wrong section to post this :smiley:

Basicly, my skill group in lua coding is above average but not good enough to make my own gamemode. I have ran a modified DarkRP gamemode for a while with a lot of my own work and some codehire, but now it’s time for a change I want one and the community wants one.

Basicly what I’m asking is, is their any rp gamemodes wich and darkrp/liquid darkrp which are like cider core/applejack made for Gmod 13, becuase I would like one wich I cand download and edit.

And no HL2RP or that, where a serious role playing community.

P.S Yes , I did change the gamemode name XD a serious darkrp server what are you? Insane? XD

Thanks for all the surport :smiley:

you could not have sounded any stupider

yep. yep.

Was not asking for help, what I implied was im asking for advice. And I stated if it’s the wrong place tell me, becuase I did not directly goto this section of facepunch under “Garry’s mod”, I veiwed a previous post which was in this section and posted it, scince their was asking about a diffrent type of gamemode.

Nutscript was alright, I didn’t like the animations but it is alright for a serious and free RP gamemode. Highly customizable and making a schema is not that hard at all.

thank you so much