Roleplay Gamemode

I have a server and i whant to put a Roleplay Gamemode but i don’t know what gamemode to use .
Who can tell me a good Roleplay gamemode just do it , i will whait .

PS:Sry for my bad english

If you don’t want to purchase a gamemode you’ll have to use DarkRP or look for a leaked gamemode. But I think using leaked gamemodes is quite wrong since the developers put a lot of effort into it.

NO i don’t whant to use leaked gamemode , i can buy its not a problem but the question is what gamemode .

What kind of gamemode do you want in the first place?


If your willing to pay then OA if your in to serious roleplay or perp2 if your in to lite. Perp 2 is like 500 dollars and OA is 150 euros (OA sucks)

PERP2 sucks as well

true :smiley:

If PERP2 its sucks tell me another gamemode . What is mean " OA "

it is mean learn me english

Or hire your own coder or become friends with one.

Code your own. From the scratch.

I try to found some good luacoder but i don’t found .

To my knowledge you cannot buy Perp2 anymore?
From what I heard hunts has been to busy. There is also the fact to-many people have it.

(OA) OpenAura’s a good one for Serious Roleplay though
You can buy it here:
On the slowest, most insecure site you’ll ever encounter.

There is a cracked version of OpenAura flying about, but I’m not going to publish those details as they’re not mine to publish.