Roleplay Ideas

I decided to make a thread where newcomers, veterans and trolls alike can post their own ideas for roleplay servers or such, and discuss why eachother’s ideas are good or bad. Please don’t get too off-topic though, or such.

To start things off, I personally think Kermite’s released weapon sets would do a fine job for RP servers - hard to aim, realistic to kill, and the sound of a Mateba pistol shot ringing through the air as bits of the wall next to your head are ripped off by the bullet is more than enough to make you reconsider the situation.

Some real roleplay without excessive gun usage.

I agree with the above post, we need a roleplay without excessive guns. I get sick of people with AK47’s running up to me and killing me. Make RP much better

Well this wouldn’t happen if guns were properly regulated via a VERY expensive gun licence system.

A create a character system

You do know just about every decent script has these? right?

Man, I -wish- we had more character creation systems. Dunno how many times i’ve gone on a RP server and despite a good community and roleplay and such, you have no control over your bloody character model, much less RP names or such (Calling my mayor “Killaman 3000” really sounds out of place).

Sorry for the double post, I guess this also counts as a bump in a way, but eh.

Had an idea for an RP server; two factions, in a storywise war, on opposite sides of the map. Their base areas are not allowed to have any sort of combat unless it’s an RP event. There’d also be a neutral zone where players can chill and RP with both friends and foes. But inbetween the bases and neutral zone, is the combat zone, where you can shoot on sight and generally get your combat dose. A mix of RP and DM, you could say, to balance and even everyone out. Not a coder myself, but anyone think this might be interesting?