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In this server, there is a war between 3 Kingdoms. North, West and South. The fourth “faction” are called Wildlings, they are bound to no rules but have no protection either.

Before you start on this server, check the map & the rules:

As you see, the map is divided in 4 regions. It is time to choose a Kingdom! When you’ve picked your faction, go to the steam group page and declare your allegiance. Which you can do by clicking HERE

After that, add a TAG after your name ingame (done by changing Profile Name in steam). For West, go with [W], for North go with [N] and for South go [S]. Wildlings have no tags.

When you spawn ingame, check the playerlist by typing " /players".

When you arrive on your new home, it is time to acquire your Kingdom kit. This includes a helmet, sleeping bag and Stone Hatchet.
If you are,
North, type: /kit North Soldier
West, type: /kit West Soldier
South, type: /kit South Soldier
Wildling, type: /kit Wildling

Thats it! You are now officially ingame and ready to fight for your Kingdom!

Quick join (F1 in rust console)

The server is whitelisted, so you have to join our group!

**net.connect **


Good server, more players welcome to have an active player base. The server is relatively new, and have players in the US and EU. So come join and see for yourself

Just awesome for new players to learn how to play and all aspects about the game!

BUMP :rock:

Be sure to join the steam group, as the server is whitelisted to group members only!

BUMP :rock:

BUMP :rock:

BUMP :rock:

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There is no reason to “bump the thread” so often, especially when you have nothing to say…

But some stuff actually happening on the server! One worth to mansion is that “events” soon will be added to the server.

One more interesting thing: {H||R} clan came to the server (7 people at once)! They already elected a king of the north. This make game more interesting for others, because from now they should better cooperate to be ready to face new power on server.

And when touch just “bumping” the thread it looks like nothing happening on the server and it looks like we have lack of players.