Roleplay Leveling System + Inventory

Can anyone script a leveling system so like each job has different ranks and after a time period of being that job, you unlock the next rank.


Rank I. Pistol Seller
Rank II. Gun Dealer Unlock Time: 1Hour
Rank III. Demolition Expert Unlock Time: 2 Hours
Total Playing Time 3 Hours

Rank I. Security Officer
Rank II. Civil Protection Unlock Time: 30 Minutes
Rank III. Civil Protection Chief OR S.W.A.T. Unlock Time: 1 Hour
Rank IIII. Mayor Unlock Time: 2 Hours
Total Playing Time 3.5 Hours

Rank I. Rebel
Rank II. Gangster Unlock Time 10 Minutes
Rank III. Mobboss Unlock Time 1 Hour
Total Playing Time 1 Hour

These are just some examples of what I was thinking.

Also, could anyone make an inventory system that is a tab in the f4 menu of Darkrp in which it scans for items first so you can save any items you want.

…I quite doubt that this will happen, if its even possible.
The inventory thing MIGHT be made, but probably be some kind of bank where you can store items too.

It’s possible, just nobody is going to want to spend time making it.

thats half of what i meant, the inventory wouldnt be that hard id guess though, but the other stuff is nearly impossible, and wouldnt be any good for roleplaying anyway

I could make the Ranks. Depends what I’ll get out of this.

Enjoyment, new lua scripts and gamemodes would populate new servers. :slight_smile: