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O.K. So a few years ago, a server I played on went to a Serious Terminator Roleplay. I’m currently on the look-out for the map they were using. I remember everything there is about the map, but I do not recal the name. And I’ve looked everywhere on for it. I went through the thousands of maps they had on file, and I could not find it. Here are the descriptions-

~In the center is a radio tower
~In one corner is a military base with a bunker and a prop helicopter on a heli-pad next to a hanger.
~On the opposite corner is a Fortress combosed of Combine textured walls. Connected to the walls is a building. Inside this building is a room, which if I remember correctly is a sphere. Outside the room inside the building are ditches with water that run out of the building. On the otherside of the fort is a hole in the wall that leads to a lake.
~In between the two bases in another corner of the map is an area composed of trenches. I do not recall the rest of that area.
~In the last corner is an area that has escaped my mind.

If you believe you know about this map, please link it to me either on this topic or via steam. My steam name is joemc72 and as you add me it will pop up as /oy - Moresti DERP

Thank you for your time in reading this and I hope to hear from you.

 ~Sincerely, Moresti.

rp_salvation, you played on it at TnB
don’t sign your posts.
oa is a leak

It’s not Salvation. Though I like that map, it’s not really good for P4.

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Holy hell dude. I love you. I just found it. It is rp_salvation_2