Roleplay Maps/Mapping & Fave Rp map?

Ive been thinking of getting permission to base a new map of rp_downtown_v2(probally wont even need it. Just inspiration i suppose). I believe im a good mapper and would like to make a map with the downtown theme but with a completely redesigned layout and renewed functionality.

It would probally end up nothing like downtown, but thats what I want to base it on. Although it would have a different layout, much more detailed, and much more travel orientated. One thing that I like about downtown is that it is NOT built up at all so you can make your own bases.

So if you have any opinion on what I have already said then please post. I dont mind constructive critisism but no flaming about downtown if your not a fan of it.

Here are some questions Id like to ask as well.

  • What do you find downtown (rp_downtown_v2 / rpw_downtown_v2) lacks?
  • What do you like to see it RP maps?
  • What is your current favourite RP/RPW map?
  • Is it to late to get even a fairly well made map famous?

Thanks :slight_smile:

The Pro will not give anyone permission to edit it directly, so you’ll need to build it from scratch. Build the mirror image of it?

We could do with some more RP maps, definitely :slight_smile:

Wouldnt want to edit it from the VMF, I always start my own work even if based of others.
And yea, all the RP maps seem to have good features but lack in other things.
Been mapping on CSS for 2 years so I have faith in my mapping abilities :slight_smile:

Will I be able to use your map?

Some suggestions-

No gun machines ( ie. Spawn shop in downtown )
Nice shops, with windows.
Names for the shops, good for advertising.
A general socialising area.
A large and advanced CP, mabye cameras for the whole city in there.

If you want any more just say

Just wondering, what happens if you edit the map anyway?

Shops with windows
Some apartments
Some houses
Room for cars
Police station with security cameras
Underground hideout for gangs
An empty area so people can build their own houses

Building on this idea, A theory I once had, a half built house template that is part of the map. It would be made up of:
A foundation with the basic shape of a basement in it
a pair of doorframes and doors one at the front and one at the back.
and an area for the garden around the house.

Did The Pro give permission to the makers of rpw_downtown_v2? It’s a horrible map and they spray their name all over it.

You can’t. The map is protected from decompiling.

Apparently the maker of rpw_downtown asked The Pro and Pro said he didn’t make it :expressionless:

have most doors openable and good camera angles some drivable veichles as well?