Roleplay mod??

What the best rolaplaying mod and easy to build on. i know some rp mods like
Cakescript (I don’t like the flag on the job and i don’t know how to make more jobs)
TacoScript (Realy nice Mod/script) but same as cakescript i don’t know how to make job and delete flags on job)
Gmodrp (have not test)
darkrp (i don’t know if its a roleplay mod? but a good mod)

Replay and give me som good rp mods and easy to build on.

Build on as in with props, or build on as in alter into a different gamemode?

Cider was my favorite script in its prime. I think they have the old crappy version that you can get but I’m not sure if its easy to build on.

Cakescript and Tacoscript use flags. Like for combines and rebels and the only way to give them out is by a person or persons that was given flags to give out a cretin flag.

Cakescript and tacoscript don’t have jobs…

The term Job, in a gamemode, makes it sound mingey.

yeah if you can do that man i will bee happy have try to make custom mod not so good but iam bee realy happy if you give me a working cider mod :smiley:


Ok. but it like job you can call it job? but you need flags for it but i just got some bugs in my mods


hm… yeah but i like both of the mods but i don’t like the flag in it and i wont drag thing on cakescript for its like more rp and don’t have the gravity gun but i wont a nice hud to but wont still the old work and so you can delete the head in right and make money thing at hp


Yeah but build a mod its hard have try and i need a good mall to start on for that