Roleplay Plugin/Feature requests.

Assuming this is the proper section for this…

If you want a feature/plugin added to a roleplay gamemode, or a simplefix or change, request it here and I’ll attempt to do it. An example of a feature would be … a bank that can store a players money, accessed by an entity. Something like that. You will have the choice of the feature to be publicly released or not.

Post away.

I reserve the right to deny service

Please Note: All of you that are planning to start a server on a gamemode and want old gamemodes like cakescript fixed and fixes for that, Tiramisu is coming out soon and it’s damn epic.

Rated heart. <3
This is a great service bro. I’ll be coming here shortly, do you do work on leaked scripts, or only officially released?


Fantastic! I’ll be sure to stop by some time this week.

What gamemode, may i ask?

OpenAura, unless of course my version doesn’t work, in which case it would be nexus. :slight_smile:

Okay, that’s fine.

Make me a laser that shoots out of my eyes and goes to wherever you are looking :smiley:

I’m very curious on what you would need this for.

Laser eyes to kill people? That would be badass

for RP?

admin features :cool:

PM’d code

post the laser eye code! it sounds awesome

There is no code for it. This is how our PM conversation went.

** Back on-topic to requests only. **

He should get this as title.

Back on-topic.

I agree, that would be epic as fuck.

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sorry for being an accessory to thread derailment D:

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