Roleplay Props Unable To Be Seen In Gmod Server?

Hello, I recently set up an SRCDS server and added some props & ragdolls to the server. Everything has been set up correctly but I struggle to find the props in-game.

I’ve tried:

  • Searching for them Ingame
  • Checking lua files
  • Creating Spawnlists

Thanks in advance


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Try using this:

Thanks! I will give this a go.

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No luck :(, I still can’t find the items for the server addons.

What is the exact location of the models?

They are within the Workshop Addon Files (.gmx) - All of the other addons work perfectly

They should be in the addons category of that addon I sent you then.

I looked for it using both, but I was unable to find the models still.

Do you know the model name? If so, just search for it in the spawnmenu’s search bar.

One is called “snes” Typing that in revealed nothing

Seems like the addon isn’t mounting properly then. Find the .gma in your addons folder and extract it using GMad.

Alright doing that and creating a folder in the addons for the addon didn’t seem to do it… Something to do with the spawnlists maybe? I’m unsure

Just extract the addon and put it in addons/something/

That is what I have done so far.

Can you send me the models in a .zip please?

Of course, Ill have them up soon

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