RolePlay Scripts

What the best RP gamemode in your opinion?

GModRP, i love it.

I’ve just changed my DarkRP to GModRP :slight_smile:

I found GModRP very restrictive, too restrictive to actually have a decent ongoing RP session at times. There is no form of crime, so there is no point in a Police force, there is a fire system, which does give firemen a use. Other than that the remaining jobs are your general store owner/ medical ones.

Personally I find Cakescript one of the better script out there. It requires a bit of setup, but the possibilities of what you can do with it are near endless (It can be considered more customizable than DarkRP, if you know how to do it that is).

Recently I had a very good RP of DeRp (I think thats the name), which is the re-built LightRP, it has barely any features, except for the money system, ownership system, and a custom job type system to go on top of some basic jobs with higher privileges. If the entire server RP’s in this script, it can be a very enjoyable experience. All I can say is try various scripts. Rule of thumb though, if you want players (even the retarded ones), use DarkRP, if you want decent enforced RP, use a heavily modified DaarkRP, or one of the many other scripts that enforces it far better.

wow, just tried it out… “unemployed can’t buy food” o.O

EDIT: Well, GModRP is now back to DarkRP… but my Q menu doesn’t work :confused: Didn’t work on GModRP either :S

Mine. Kiwi. Private Role play mod still in development.

kuroScript or the upcomming Epidemic script for sure

Fuck GMod Roleplaying and I think anyone above the age of 13 can agree with that statement.

Yay disagrees for all!


I do wonder why people like using those scripts…

Rp isn’t the only server I have… and its one of my least favourite things to do in gmod too. But I have 6 dedi servers, so I want to hit all gmod genres, and like it or not, RP is big :slight_smile:

There was a heavily edited version of DarkRP that I played on some German server called RealLifeRP. It had an ATM system, and you dropped all the money in your wallet if you died.
I got banned for prop blocking my house though :frowning:

If you want true roleplay try SAMP(San Andreas Multi-Player) Roleplay. Most realistic you can get.

LS-RP Is a very scary, very serious place for nerdy faggots that think life=rp. If you enjoy over-serious RP with around 100-200 people I recommend it though, expect elitism to reign.

I lold. Just like any other rp community it has its rp-dm servers like sa-dm(sa-rp). You make it sound scary which it could very well be for a gmod rper but it does supply a very good true to life rp expieriance. And you can’t deny that