Roleplay Server Blacklist

Post your blacklisted servers. Servers you think people should completely avoid and a reason why

#1. |GA| Gaming - Advanced Roleplay.

I joined this server with my friend Mike. Soon after joining I hear him over vent say an admin is spawning turrets and killing. I talk with another admin and he says the admins the owner of the server and the owner will kick my @$$. Some other idiot comes on mic telling me “he doesnt like people coming in the server telling them how to play admin” so I tell him “Yeah? Well I dont like joining servers and having mingebag admins turret me and my friends to death”. This owner is RDMing EVERYONE in his Killzone and You should avoid the server.

Bottom Line: Mingebag admins, got banned for confronting owner.

#2. [TASTIC] RP! Factions 10 Jobs!

I was drunk one night and looking to minge. I joined this server and immediately knew it was going to be one hell of a night. Some dumbass had another guy locked in the bank and for some reason rather than trying to get out he was prop blocking himself in. I started shooting people for fun and an admin put me in the bank vault and closed it (retard didnt bother to lock it) so I got back out and capped him before he could turn around. I walk outside (hold on, 3 admins on and I havent been banned yet?) anyway I walk outside and Im greeted by an ADMIN, thats right, an admin who is shooting off a flamethrower at a jeep, this causing immence lag and nearly crashing the server twice. I say in global chat “Wow, I came on here to minge and you guys have done my work for me!” the idiot says “Oh ya? Well dats an open invitation to ba…” and Im like “yep” and leave the server.

Bottom Line: These dipshits are minging THEIR OWN SERVER. Very amusing yes?

Taco N Banana.

We all know why.

What’s wrong with TNB? I had good time last time I was there, though that was long ago.


There’s nothing to really do, even if there was something awesome happening you would get yelled at to get away. :sigh:

A server ‘whitelist’ would make more sense seeing as 90% of servers are populated by mingebags.

This is a stupid thread. There are too many rp servers for it to be a blacklist.


All DarkRP servers.

All RP servers populated by < 14 year olds

TnB – For those that don’t know – “Quote – Some password phisher” – I got thousands of passwords from T&B

Also, the biggest collection of idiots I have ever seen.

I like TnB, they seem really serious and their community is pretty well-made.

Here you are - put this in globalban.lua in your lua/autorun/server folder:

function CheckBanlist( ply )

ply:Ban(0, "Probably a mingebag")


hook.Add( “PlayerInitialSpawn”, “Banlist”, CheckBanlist )

Seriously, though, global banlists don’t do anything but upset large amounts of people. Don’t try it.

There’s plenty to do in TnB, assuming, of course, your best friends with an admin.

Serious, but not amusing.
And community is not well made. Relations get you high ranked.

I just expected that this would happen.
Well, I like TnB, mostly because there isn’t <14 minges… well… [sarcasm]HARDLY EVER[/sarcasm]

The fact that you can get perma banned on there for saying LOL makes it ridiculous.
As for a server, probably =FAN= 24/7 Roleplay. They will ban you for not playing dumb. :downs:

You can actually say LOL or ROFL without getting banned :slight_smile:

In character?



Why would you say lol in character is the thing?

BAM Rp and build server

There so bad! The admins says to do stuff and admins block doors and ect